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Welcome to Lukey

Hi! I'm Lukey. I have a passion for real British escorts and for
filming the services (wink) they provide to clients like you and me.

Escorts are paid for their companionship only (if you get my drift)
and I just happen to have a camera handy to capture that
companionship in action. Have fun!

"Lukey is your source for the sexiest British escort babes around."
- Oz, Quality Amateur Paysites

About me - Who the fuck am I? (Excuse my french)

Hi! My name is Lukey. Let me give you a little taste of who I am and why I have embarked on an emotional journey of self discovery (yeh right, let me re-phrase; an awesome journey of sexual discovery). But seriously, there is a special bond between client and escort which will allow this brief auto biography to include some deep and meaningful thoughts (kind of).

Patchy baby! My pet cat
Checking out the pussy!

The numbers

First things first. The details. I'm 22 years old, 6' 4" tall and have a penis the size of a small donkey (ok, a shetland pony, alright, a small shetland pony, fine, a pigme shetland pony). Hey, it's about 7 inches long, it's better than nothing.

I dislike:

  • Leprechauns
  • Trains
  • Japanese whalers (bastards)
  • Hospitals (that's what three heart operations does to you)

I really like:

  • Family guy (fucking awesome)
  • Innocent smoothies
  • Animals (moles, pigeons and ducks; random)
  • Gozo (next to Malta)
  • Escorts (in all shapes and sizes)
  • Boris Johnson (mayor of London)
  • My old work colleague Jayne (this will give her a surprise)
  • Neighbours (the TV show)
  • Bodybuilding
  • Preacher (the comic book series)

Apologies for the fact that this is totally random. I thought that it might be a good idea to jot down and few bits and bobs that interest me (with any luck they might tickle your fancy too).

Stewie from Family Guy
Stewie from Family Guy

In the beginning

I started to visit escorts at the tender age of 19, due to a lack of social interaction and a bad habit for spanking a monkey (no monkeys were harmed due to sexual frustration). I freely admit that my first encounter with an escort was the day I lost my virginity. I remember the day well and can't forget that God awful feeling of not knowing what the hell I was doing. Thank the lord, events proceeded without a hitch and I returned home with a sense of extreme satisfaction and relief that I had finally had a roll in the hay.

Time for one of those deep and meaningful thoughts. Post 'operation popping cherry' I do remember having a strange feeling of want, no, that's the wrong word, affection for a women I didn't know and had been with for no more than a few hours. That my friends, was the bond or brief relationship between client and escort. This site may well highlight the sexual services of real escorts, but let us not forget that we are sharing an intimate connection between male and female. Amen.

Last few years

Back to basics. I've been an adult webmaster for the past four years, which basically means I promote other companies web sites and they give me a piece of the pie. It sounds pretty good and yeh it's not bad. In truth, it's just me and a computer. That's why my ambition to go forth and multiply (forget the multiply bit) has driven me to purchase a video camera and turn it on. Oh yeh.

With a vague plan of action, a shiny new camera and three or four months of hard work, I was off. I'm back again. Christ on a God damn cracker, I've forgotten to put tape in the camera.

I really am asleep. Really.
Catching up on some Z's with my ever faithful friend

I jest of coarse and am more than capable of remembering which bits go where and which hole my penis slips into.

And on that note I hope that you have gained a small insight into my life or at least have a flavor for my personality and now understand why I have to pay for sex.

With all my love (I mean; Thanks guys!)


p.s I really do love and respect real British escorts and hope that you enjoy my website. is owned & operated by
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